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Its been a crazy couple of weeks here. The big boy is on his Easter hols so its been a whirlwind of trips out, tennis camp and cricket classes, there’s barely been a spare moment. Added to which my Ma is back so I had to get the house ready for her as we’d not had a chance since we moved out. I feel like I’ve been on a bit of a treadmill but this weekend is chill out time as we return to Windsor to stay with a bunch of friends and kids, 12 of us in total, should be great with this fab weather too. Excuse the photos I haven’t doctored them at all as I ran out of time before one of the smalls wanted something!

My lovely boys xxx

As seen at our local DIY store today - woody the bear!

The Lumineers - Stubborn Love


"keep your head up, my love."

One of my absolute faves, was my birthing cd for Freddie! Ho Hey stills stops him in his tracks if he’s fussy.

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Society of Beer Drinking Ladies

Taylor Shute

Can I join?

Ugh we have all, one after the other, gone down with a horrid tummy bug, the only one who seems to be taking it in his stride is the baby. This is horrid, unfortunately as we are all ill there is no one to smooth the brows and remake the beds, both essential when you are under the weather.

Oh dear its the beginning of the end, he’s started standing up in the cot! What with that and B breaking up for Easter today its going to be a busy old few weeks.

Oh my God, Walking Dead, how are we meant to wait for the next season!!! When will the new season be on? Where’s the baby?

First time on a swing, he loved it!

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