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Our new drawing room, hurrah we are finally getting there! Look away if you don’t like happy yellow!

Needed to see this today, struggling to get back in the regime and my social life is getting in the way of my workouts! Back on the horse today.

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Oh bums I have just dragged my tired bottom upstairs to bed only to be reminded that I haven’t ironed B’s school uniform. Aghhhh have so much to do and so little time. My Pops and Stepmum arrive from Oz in approx 48 hrs time and we have to try and make our building site of a house habitable enough for a visit. The good news is that we got the grey on the walls in the drawing room today and it looks fab, the bad news is that because of the radiator debacle (don’t ask) the carpet can’t go down as planned on Wednesday. I’m just hoping I can clean up the floorboards enough that we can put furniture in there anyway as we’re playing musical rooms at the mo with the many different tradesmen on site at the mo and its the only finished room. I’m still loving bringing this old lady back to life though, the restored windows look amazing and have really brought the front of the house back to life, what’s next?!

Freddie is such a happy little soul, he’s growing up fast, into everything, motoring around chattering to himself endlessly and great at cuddles, gawd I adore the boy.

Boys own fun! Our friend Pedro and his son, B’s best friend, came over to show off this beauty that they had borrowed from the car club. Bertie was beside himself with excitement, a Maclaren P1 and he got to go for a spin too!! He hasn’t yet stopped talking about it.

Our first go at soup, it was messy but fun. He’s not liked the texture before but today went down well thank goodness, makes lunchtime easier.
No time for blogging, house has been turned upside down by workmen and all the stuff arriving, currently have a bath in my bedroom, and not in the luxurious way that sounds!

I’m going to write this on my mirror!

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Bertie’s end of school holiday, rainy day project. Project skinny cupcake! This fudgy chocolatey babe has a mere 195cals per cake, (135cals, without the icing) woo hoo, its practically a health food. Let me know if you want the recipe!

So half done, half left, damn its frustrating its not quicker!

Drawing room papering today, my first proper time papering and I’m feeling relatively confident and loving how quickly its transforming the room. Will be so exciting to finally see this room come together, it the downside of having kids, a busy social life and not enough money to employ tradesmen for everything, that everything takes longer than expected, however I can now see the wood from the trees. With the big window being finished by our window restoration genius, Paul, we are on target for carpets down on the 17th of Sept, just in time for my Pops to arrive from Oz. Phew back to it.

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