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So half done, half left, damn its frustrating its not quicker!

Drawing room papering today, my first proper time papering and I’m feeling relatively confident and loving how quickly its transforming the room. Will be so exciting to finally see this room come together, it the downside of having kids, a busy social life and not enough money to employ tradesmen for everything, that everything takes longer than expected, however I can now see the wood from the trees. With the big window being finished by our window restoration genius, Paul, we are on target for carpets down on the 17th of Sept, just in time for my Pops to arrive from Oz. Phew back to it.

Love it


Back to running this morning after a two week hiatus for a cold that the babe gave me, man it was hard. I managed 5k but really by the end was running as fast as I walk I think. Anyway back to it and thank goodness for that, willpower restored, watch this space to see if I manage it tomorrow too!

Happy boys in a cold and windy Brighton. We are away camping this week and it’s not really the weather for it so we’ve escaped the campsite for the beach and this is what the boys got up to.

Oh Boy

What a year Freddie boo, you’re all grown up at 1yr old today. I don’t know where the time has gone but I do know that it’s been the most precious time of my life to see you and your brother grow together for the first year of your life.

This time last year my waters had just broken everywhere, literally, I had excess fluid, the midwives joked that they needed wellies! You came into the world as calmly as you’ve embraced life ever since. It was the most relaxed emergency c section that the head nurse said she had ever had the pleasure of attending. Your daddy and I joked about while they set me up and we got the giggles when they had to tip me on my side as I still had so much fluid around you. Once you were here I noticed nothing more, just the feeling of your breath on my cheek, the small solidity of your body in my arms and your daddy’s proud proud face. Sadly you left us for a while as you were tired out and didn’t fancy breathing alone. Those first nights without you were sad but okay as I felt you were safe and I knew we’d have a lifetime of nights when I could cuddle you to look forward to. And we have as you love nothing better than being cuddled to sleep and holding hands while you dream.

Now you’re here your big brother adores you even more than I thought possible, your bond is so strong. Even the other day when you were pinching him hard while he held you, he didn’t falter, he wouldn’t let go of you, he knew he had to hold on until I could run up and take you. You both make me so proud and I couldn’t ask for more than the time that daddy and I agreed I could take to raise you both. Don’t get me wrong doing this solo a lot of the time is hard hard work but it is still the very best job I’ve ever had.

You love,

Opening and closing the stairgates
Getting down off the bed on your own
Playing hide an seek under the covers with your big bro
Standing up in the bath
Eating pasta with your fingers
Yogurt - with everything
Ditto raspberries
Yoga class
Anything musical, singing and making a noise but especially dancing, mainly to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell
Doing dangerous things that make mummy’s heart flip, hence the scabby nose, earnt during an early morning stair climbing accident

You hate

Stairgates being closed
Being put down and not cuddled when you’re tired
Being fed with a spoon, messy business !
When the cats won’t let you pat them
When the swing stops at the park
When your milk isn’t ready within five minutes of getting up
Anyone taking what you are playing with

Happy birthday baby boy xx

PS pic two is my mum, not me, I haven’t suddenly got straight hair!


My biggest issue with cosleeping??
I need to go to the toilet but my baby is curled up in my arms fast asleep.


It’s been a long summer hols for the kids and has felt like quite hard work for me so today I did a project in the form of painting some new bedside tables for our spare room and the legs of a very old footstool. Really pleased with the results, the table above is finished and the other pic is halfway through. This was the first day of the hols that I made time for something I wanted to do and it felt great!
Roll on back to school, there is a lot of house to do before Christmas!


this is your periodic reminder that old-timey medicines did not fuck around


(via excusedfromthis)

God I love bread, I miss the warm yeasty smell of a fresh French stick the most. If I think hard enough I can actually taste it in the air, walking through the Marais in Paris planning what to have for lunch that involves lots of bread and cheese…….enough be gone wheat craving.

So diet is going well in spite of all this and I’m sticking with it, saying hello to bits of me that have been hidden for a while, today its hello little clavicle hollows.

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